Is the interior of your house starting to look a little old and tatty? If so, redecorating is always a great way to spruce up tired-looking rooms, and give your home a fresh, new feel to it. If you are going to be splashing the paint about in your home, why not try something a little different. Anybody can go to the hardware store, buy a tin of paint and give the walls a coat. Instead of doing that, why not try one of these 3 great ideas and completely transform the look of your home.

Plan out themed rooms

This may not be to every taste but to some people it will sound like a brilliant idea. Giving each room its own individual theme or having an overall theme for the house could make it feel like a completely new home. It would give your home a new look, entertain visitors, be a great discussion starter, and show off your family’s interests. You could make this a family project that would pull everybody together, giving each member a say in how the rooms are decorated.

There are thousands of different themes to choose from. You could base the theme on your favourite TV show, animals or sport or something more extravagant. Do try to use your imagination and come up with fresh ideas to brighten up your home. You can get ideas of themes by talking to interior painters such as Brett Wallner Painting.

Have a rejig

A good idea to freshen up tired feeling houses is to move the rooms around. This could either be by moving furniture around to give a different layout to each room, or you could completely change the set out of the house. You could move the main living area to one of the bedrooms, the dining room to where the living area was and the bedroom to the dining room.

This would obviously take a lot of planning and discussion, with all the members of the family having a say, but it can give your house that ‘brand new home’ feel. If you choose to go with this option you would need to draw a layout of all the rooms in your property before moving everything around. This is to ensure you still have a practical and livable home, and that you don’t cramp one room with lots of furniture whilst others are empty.

A benefit of this option is that you can decorate each room once you have emptied the furniture out of it. Then once you have finished the decorating you can put stuff in there and move on to the next room.

Spruce up existing furniture 

Some people, when decorating, decide to complete the new feel to their home by investing in new furniture. The downside to this is that it can work out very expensive, and you may not need to change furniture that’s in good condition. You could, however, just give the furniture a bit of a makeover as well as the walls.

There are several ways you could do this, from reupholstering the sofa to giving the dining table a new coat of varnish. If your DIY skills are up to it, you could even recycle old furniture into something new. Maybe using the wood from an old wardrobe to create some new shelves or something like that.

Take your time, make a list of what does and doesn’t go with the new decor and write down ways of making it fit. This would help to give every room a completely new feel to it and take away the tired look that it currently has.