If the power goes out in your home or office, most people turn to candles or flashlights. However, these aren’t the only solutions. Whether you are looking for a temporary fix for a couple of hours or something that will keep your devices running for several days, here are four ideas to consider:

1. Fruit Power

Make your own lights by harnessing the power of fruit. To get started, you need a lemon, some copper wire and a steel paperclip. Push your two metal wires into your lemon. Arrange the wires so that they are close together but not touching, and insert them into the lemon so that a small piece of each wire is sticking out of the lemon.

Then, balance a lightbulb between the wires. With a fruit tree and a pack of light bulbs, you could practically light up your whole house.

2. Kerosene Or Oil Lamps

These old-fashioned lamps are a great solution when the power goes out. You will need to prepare this solution in advance by having a few antique lamps, a supply of oil or kerosene and a few matches. These small lights are perfect for lighting up a space for reading, talking, dining or other activities. They cast a nice soft glow, and you may enjoy it so much that you will want to use these antique lamps even when the power isn’t out.

3. Extension Cords, Power Strips And Neighbours

Instead of trying to solve your power issue on your own, reach out to your neighbours for help. As a temporary solution, find a neighbour who is willing to let you use one of their outlets. Offer them some cash in exchange for their help if that makes you feel more comfortable. With a heavyduty extension cord and some power strips, you can keep your house powered up for quite a while.

4. Generators

If you need to ensure that you won’t run out of power, think about getting a petrol-powered generator. If you run a business or have an important computer server connected to your power supply, a generator is a great way to ensure that you never lose power. These temporary power solutions can be installed as a backup plan before you need them, or you can have one delivered when your power goes out. You can buy small generators to run a few appliances or electronic devices in your home, or you can buy an extra large one that supports your whole house’s electrical needs.

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