Troubleshooting Faulty Air Conditioning In A Vehicle

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Air conditioning in a vehicle cools the interior of a vehicle, and can actually be important to prevent the driver becoming drowsy due to overheating. As with all parts of a vehicle, the air conditioning system is prone to faults. Due to the air conditioning system being quite complex, it is often difficult to determine exactly what is wrong. This article looks at the most common problems regarding air conditioning in a vehicle and how to repair them. Not Providing Cooled Air This is perhaps the most common problem with air conditioning units in vehicles. When you go to turn the system on, it seems to work, but will not blow out cool air. The usual cause of this is a lack of the refrigerant fluid, which is critical to allow the system to work properly. To rectify the problem, top up the system with replacement fluid, or refill completely if needed. System Has A Leak And Only Cools Occasionally Although some older vehicles can lose some refrigerant through leaking, this is a normal process for these aged vehicles. Leaks can cause the system to work in an intermittent fashion. To find out where the leak is, you can purchase some dye fluid and apply it to the system. Usually, a leak can be traced to worn or damaged seals or o-rings. Replace to fix the leaks and allow the system to provide you with constant cooled air. Conditioner System Blows Foul Air The air conditioning unit – especially the evaporator – may be harbouring and growing tiny, microscopic organisms that are ejected into the vehicle when the air conditioning is activated. This is not only unpleasant to smell, it can be dangerous due to the potential of breathing these organisms into the lungs. To address this problem, the vehicle owner has two choices: one is to purchase a spray which eliminates these organisms by being applied into the vents; the other option is to hire a mechanic to apply a special coating to the evaporator which prevents organisms from growing there in the first place. System Makes A Noise When Operating This is another fairly common complaint from vehicle owners who use their air conditioning system. In the majority of these cases, the noise emitted by the air conditioning can be traced to a faulty – or nearly broken – compressor in the system. To remedy this, it is probably best to have the component replaced by a professional, unless you are a competent DIY vehicle mechanic. Other, less serious problems regarding noise may simply be debris stuck in the fan. It is a good idea to run your system frequently, to keep it in a good overall...

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Important Tips For Keeping Your Attached Garage Safe And Secure

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An attached garage is more of a security hazard to the home than many homeowners realise. Not only can a thief easily sneak into the garage and steal anything stored there, but the garage gives them cover and privacy for when they want to then break into a home. This is why it’s vital that an attached garage be kept as safe and secure as possible. Consider a few important tips for doing this. 1. Keep the door in good repair If the garage door is bent or damaged in any way, this can make it easier for a thief or intruder to simply pry it open with a crowbar. Remember that they only need an opening large enough to squeeze themselves into, so even a small dent in the side of a garage door can give them enough leverage to create an opening. Always call for garage door repair as soon as you notice any dents, dings or other damage. 2. Install heavy-duty locks inside the door Typically a garage door is secured with a small keyed lock attached to a plastic handle. These are very easy to break with a hammer or other sturdy tool. To increase the security of your garage, install heavy-duty locks inside the door. A sliding deadbolt with a padlock can ensure your garage door stays closed. You might also consider installing a lock on your garage floor. These can be installed by a professional contractor and they will keep your garage door secured. 3. Cover the windows Thieves typically like to check out any home before they attempt to break in, either to note the locks on the doors or to see if there is anything inside worth stealing. If your garage windows are open and exposed this can allow a thief to note the security of your home’s back door as well as any expensive items you have in the garage. However, covering your windows can be a deterrent to these thieves. They won’t be able to see if your back door looks secure or note if you own anything expensive. Frosted film can be purchased from any hardware store and is easy to apply, and can be an important step in keeping your attached garage secure. Remember these three simple but important tips for keeping your attached garage safe and secure. It can mean increased security for your home and for your entire family. For more information, contact a company like AAA Panels & Garage...

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The Benefits Of Having Your Automobile Windows Tinted

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Have you ever thought about having your vehicle windows tinted? As long as you are in compliance with Australian laws regarding automotive window tinting, you can enjoy many benefits of having darker windows. Keep in mind that you can’t have your windshield completely tinted. You may have a visor along the top that does not extend below the area that the windshield wipers pass over. The side and rear windows can be tinted to a Visual Light Transmission (VLT) of 35%. In NT and WA, the VLT can be 15% and 20%, respectively. This is the amount of visible light that can pass through the tinting. There are many benefits to having your windows tinted, including: Reduced Glare There are certain times of the day when it can be really difficult to drive because the sun is in a position that makes it shine directly into your eyes. When you have a tinted visor on the windscreen, your eyes will be shielded from that glare, enabling you to see more clearly. Privacy You will notice that limousines usually have tinted windows. This is so the people inside have privacy. You can have this same level of privacy by tinting the side and rear windows of your vehicle. An added bonus is that if you have any valuables inside the vehicle, no one will be able to see them. Protect the Upholstery When the sun shines into your vehicle, it shines directly onto the upholstery. Over time, this can lead to fading and cracking. Automotive window tinting blocks a high percentage of the sun’s UV rays and protects the upholstery from these damages. Skin Protection UV rays can also damage your skin, and can even cause skin cancer if you are exposed to these rays for long periods of time. Because automotive tinting reduces UV rays, your skin will not have nearly as much exposure. Glass Protection The windows in your vehicle are made from several layers of glass for shatter protection. Having tinting put on is adding another layer of protection to keep you and your passengers safer in the event of an accident. Lower Temperatures You know how hot it can be to get inside a vehicle that has been sitting in the sun. It can feel like you are stepping into a blast furnace. Not only does tinting reduce the glare of the sun, it also reduces the heat. You won’t have to use the air conditioner nearly as much, which means that you will be saving petrol. For more information, contact a specialist, such as Tint...

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