An attached garage is more of a security hazard to the home than many homeowners realise. Not only can a thief easily sneak into the garage and steal anything stored there, but the garage gives them cover and privacy for when they want to then break into a home. This is why it’s vital that an attached garage be kept as safe and secure as possible. Consider a few important tips for doing this.

1. Keep the door in good repair

If the garage door is bent or damaged in any way, this can make it easier for a thief or intruder to simply pry it open with a crowbar. Remember that they only need an opening large enough to squeeze themselves into, so even a small dent in the side of a garage door can give them enough leverage to create an opening. Always call for garage door repair as soon as you notice any dents, dings or other damage.

2. Install heavy-duty locks inside the door

Typically a garage door is secured with a small keyed lock attached to a plastic handle. These are very easy to break with a hammer or other sturdy tool. To increase the security of your garage, install heavy-duty locks inside the door. A sliding deadbolt with a padlock can ensure your garage door stays closed. You might also consider installing a lock on your garage floor. These can be installed by a professional contractor and they will keep your garage door secured.

3. Cover the windows

Thieves typically like to check out any home before they attempt to break in, either to note the locks on the doors or to see if there is anything inside worth stealing. If your garage windows are open and exposed this can allow a thief to note the security of your home’s back door as well as any expensive items you have in the garage.

However, covering your windows can be a deterrent to these thieves. They won’t be able to see if your back door looks secure or note if you own anything expensive. Frosted film can be purchased from any hardware store and is easy to apply, and can be an important step in keeping your attached garage secure.

Remember these three simple but important tips for keeping your attached garage safe and secure. It can mean increased security for your home and for your entire family. For more information, contact a company like AAA Panels & Garage Doors.