If you have moved into a new home or apartment, one of the first things you should do is change the locks. Of course, if you are living in an apartment or are renting the home, you will first need to get permission from the landlord. Since this is considered to be an improvement, you can ask that the landlord reimburse you for the cost of the new lock.

Even though former owners and tenants are supposed to return all keys when they move, many people don’t return them. Those former tenants or owners will have access to your home. To be safe, it is always best to install new locks, and make sure that only authorized persons have access to keys.

Changing locks is relatively easy, and you can do it in less than an hour. Read on to learn more about buying locks, and how to change them.

Buy Quality Locks

If you are going to go out and spend money on new locks, make sure that you don’t skimp on the quality. This is because while department stores and home improvement centres do carry a wide variety of locks, these locks are generic, and there is always the chance that one key will fit many locks. A lock installed by a 24-hour locksmith like Rivercity Locksmiths Pty Ltd is going to be unique for you, and no one else will have any keys that will fit.

Remove the Old Lock

Once you have purchased the new lock, it is time to remove the old one. Unscrew the knob on the inside part of the door, and remove both knobs. Now, unscrew the panel that holds the latch on the side of the door, and remove the latch and strike plate. You are now ready to install the new lock.

Install the New Lock

Insert the new latch parts where the old ones were originally, and adjust it so that it is centered so the knobs can be attached. Put the new knobs in place, according to the manufacturer’s directions and using the screws and nails that are included in the lock assembly kit.

Tighten everything to make sure that the parts are flush with the door and nothing is sticking out. All that is left to do is install the strike plate, in the same location as the original one. Test the lock to make sure it works.