There are various reasons that would make a homeowner settle for a flat roof. However, in order to fully benefit from the enhanced functionality of the flat roof, you need to ensure that regular maintenance is done and flat roof repairs are undertaken in good time.

If you’re wondering what you can do on your own, the article below discusses just a few of the common flat roof repairs that can be done over the weekend.

Blisters on a Flat Roof

The occurrence of blisters is one of the most common problems to expect with a flat roofing system. When layers of the flat-roof felt are exposed to heat from the sun over a long period, they expand thereby creating the opportunity for air and moisture to penetrate. Once there’s a decrease in temperature, the felts contract back to their original position.

Blisters on a flat roof occur when air or moisture is trapped between the felt layers during contraction. If you notice blisters on your flat roof, you should look for a sharp craft knife and use it to cut across the surface of the blister’s top layer, thereby exposing the trapped moisture. You can then use a heat gun to rid the area of any moisture

Lastly, you should use a bitumen adhesive to patch up the cut and exposed area of the blister after you’re sure that it’s dry.

Cracks & Splits

Cracks and splits are also a relatively common problem with flat roofs. Both of these are caused by involuntary movement of the structure of the roof as a result of expansion and contraction. Cracks on a flat roof are easily dealt with through the application of appropriate crack sealants. The sealant is used to fill these cracks so as to prevent them from getting wider or deeper.

Splits are even easier to deal with. You will need to lift the split or tear from the roof felts without further damaging the felts. Once lifted, you should clean the area immediately under the split or tear as well as the surrounding area. You should then use bitumen adhesive to fill up any other voids and to stick the lifted split area back into its original position.

These are only two among the several problems you can expect with a flat roof. For more details and more of these or other potential problems, contact a local roofing contractor such as Silverleaf Roofing & Restoration.