It is a normal thing for the toilet to misbehave and even create a huge mess at home.  There are numerous problems that your toilet can develop.  Some common problems include running toilets, toilet leakages, tank noises and clogged toilets.  When such problems arise, it is essential to fix the issues immediately. Unlike other home improvement procedures, toilet repairs are tasks that require immediate attention. A household that has a leaking or running toilet generally wastes many resources, such as water and electricity. Luckily, the majority of the toilet problems can easily be fixed without necessarily calling in a professional. Here’s how to identify existing toilet problems and troubleshoot them effectively.

Clogged toilets

Clogging can make the toilet fail to flush or flush ineffectively. A plunger can be used to unclog the toilet.  However, an ideal tool to use is the plumber’s snake.  Ensure the toilet bowl has enough water before you start to unclog.  If using these tools doesn’t help, then you will have to consult a certified and capable plumber. Often, a toilet fails to flush when there is inadequate water in the tank or a leaking toilet bowl.

Tank problems  

Common tank problems include strange noises, running water, among others.  Some homeowners may not see the need to manage these problems.  However, the tank noises are irritating and  the running water can escalate your water bill exceedingly. If the tank emits noises, the possible problem could be a faulty ballcock or insufficient water supply.  To fix this issue, install another ballcock assembly or replace the washers. Additionally, top up the water level.

Running toilets                         

Two things – a leaking flapper or a running overflow tube are the reasons behind a running toilet. Leakages normally happen when the flapper is not positioned properly. When the flapper chain becomes entangled, it reduces the length of the chain, which disorients the flapper seat. Therefore, ensure that the flapper chain is not snagged or twisted and that it is set properly. You require a skilled technician to repair an inefficient flapper.  

To fix a running overflow tube, adjust the water level to a ½ an inch beneath the overflow tube. You will have to re-adjust the float assembly if water level is above the overflow tube. If the float assembly is unable to maintain the water at the optimal level required, it is probably defective and requires replacement.

Leaking Toilets

A leaking toilet is not only challenging to fix, but also it is hard to identify.  A leakage can be caused by condensation. Alternatively, leaks can occur at the flange wax seal, at the water inlet connection or at the bowl-tank connection. Changing the temperature valve or the form liner will fix the condensation issue. To fix the leakages at the bowl-tank and water inlet connections, use a new wax ring seal and replace the spud washers and gasket.  If the tank or bowl has a crack, replace them or change the whole fixture. For more information, contact a local plumber