A Dog’s House: 4 Dog-friendly Amenities to Add to Your New Home’s Design

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Many new home builders are now paying attention to the needs of pets as they design new homes. If you are working with a home builder to design a new house for you and your family, consider talking with your builder about how you can design the house to meet the needs of your dog as well. Here is a look at just a few of the fun features you should consider asking your builder and designer to add to your home: 1. Step-in wash station If your pup doesn’t like to be taken to the groomers or if you just want to be able to easily wash him on your own, you need a step-in wash station. A step-in wash station features tile floors and walls, and it has a convenient handheld sprayer. With this amenity in a new home, you never have to worry about washing your dog in the kitchen or main bathrooms again. If you ultimately decide to move and you don’t end up selling the house to another dog lover, the new owners can use the walk-in wash station for muddy kids. To make this transition easier, most new home builders put step-in wash stations in mudrooms or entryways. 2. Built-in automatic feeders Many new home builders can also add places for your dog to snack. Pull out drawers fitted with food and water bowls make it easy to hide away the feeding area, and small shelves built into islands invite your pooch to join you for dinner. 3. Bunk beds or other cozy sleeping areas Even if your dog regularly sleeps with you, built-in bunk beds and other cozy sleeping areas provide him with a spot to rest for naps during the day. Talk with your home builder about where your pup typically likes to rest, and then, your home builder can find a way to discreetly and stylishly work that idea into your house. 4. French doors to dog runs If you plan to have a dog run outside your home, make the doorway majestic by installing french doors. If you like, you can ask your home builder to combine all of the amenities above into a fancy dog suite, and the french doors can lead out of your dog’s suite into the yard. The possibilities are endless, and some of the other features you may want to consider include shallow stairs that are easy for dogs to climb, secure automatic dog doors, built-in commercial pet dryers to use after baths and more. Talk with home builders like R.T. Simpson & Sons Pty Ltd to get more ideas about what features are possible and how they can be integrated into your new home’s...

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4 Materials Options for a Pergola

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Patios and pergolas are ideal additions to residential property; they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home and provide expedient outdoor living space. You can install this type of structure as a garden feature, on the patio or in the general outdoor area. There are different materials which you can utilise in making pergolas in particular. Your choice will depend on factors such as preference, financial resources and climatic conditions. Here are the main materials that you should consider choosing for your structure. Wood A wooden pergola can be custom-built as a freestanding structure or it can be attached to the main house. This material is favored by homeowners because it has natural appeal which can blend in with any property style. There are different types of wood species which you can choose for your new pergola. Hardwood trees such as oak and teak are suitable for construction because they are weather-resistant, highly durable and have natural protection against pests and rot. However, they are expensive and hard to acquire. You also can choose treated softwoods such as pine and red cedar which are cheaper but less durable. When the wood is properly sealed, it will not be easily susceptible to moisture and subsequent damage. Metal Metal pergolas are highly resistant to damage and degradation therefore they are a perfect choice for long-term use. You can install a wrought iron structure for a traditional look especially in garden settings. Tubular steel is cheaper alternative but it is equally effective in achieving the same classic look. You should note that these materials are susceptible to rust so choose galvanized or plastic-coated products. Pre-manufactured aluminum pergola kits are also becoming more popular. They are rust-resistant, highly durable and virtually maintenance-free. Moreover, there are different styles, designs and colors that you can choose to enhance your property. Vinyl Vinyl pergolas are relatively new in the market but the option is ideal if you want a prefabricated kit. The material is not vulnerable to rust, rot or fungal invasion therefore it is suitable for wet climates. You can request for customisation of some design aspects such as colors, the column styles and end scroll designs. In addition, vinyl does not require maintenance to maintain the original aesthetics. Stone If you want to build your pergola as an extension of your house, stone or brick is a good material choice. You should choose a design and specific building products that will blend with your home’s outdoor wall. The labor costs will be relatively high but stone pergolas are very durable and almost...

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