There are a huge number of different gearbox set ups in the world, and repairs never come cheaply. Gearboxes are far from simple pieces of equipment. Made up almost entirely of moving components, if one part fails it can cause all manner of headaches. The key with keeping the cost of running a gearbox down is to always think of maintenance over repairs. A well maintained gearbox in a heavy piece of machinery will save you a small fortune in time and money compared to one breaking down when you most need the equipment.

Take the time to learn about your gearbox

Knowing what type of gearbox you have is key. Do some research online and find out common faults or flaws in your model. Knowing what to look out for when maintaining a gearbox is half of the battle. If you are able to spot problems early on, a quick spot of maintenance may be all that is required to get it back up to optimal performance.

Be prepared

Once you know a bit about what you are working with, make it a routine of yours to regularly check the equipment over. Once you get into the habit of this, it will become a standard part of the day and not take any time at all. Make sure that you are ready to deal with any problems you do notice however, including making sure you have all the correct equipment needed to resolve any issues. Carrying out a quick fix is only going to cause more problems down the line.

Lubrication and contamination

It is estimated that incorrect lubrication of gear accounts for over 25% of failures. Gearboxes work under a large amount of strain and heat. Making sure that the correct lubrication is being used, and regularly applied will pay itself back time and time again. Often overlooked, or simply forgotten about, make sure that you keep a log of the last time it was checked. This is the best way to make sure that you don’t forget about it in the future.

Don’t overdo it

Equipment comes with usage guidelines for a reason. The company that made the product ran stress test after stress test to figure out exactly how much strain can be placed on the equipment. Following these guidelines will ensure a long lasting gearbox. On top of this you’ll also be protecting any warranty the equipment might be protected under.

Talk with a mechanic at a shop like Shute Engineering if you have specific questions about the gearboxes of your heavy machinery.