Unfortunately, poor historical working practices often meant that as new properties were being constructed, asbestos found its way into the surrounding soil. This means that when further work is being carried out by the homeowner, these traces of asbestos can be discovered. If you are in this position and have to remove some soil that has been contaminated by asbestos, this article looks at the process involved.

Get The Right Equipment

For DIY asbestos removal, you will have to spend a little money to get all of the correct equipment. The list is a little extensive, so if you can’t get all of it, it is safer to get a professional in. The required equipment is:

  • Overalls that cover your whole body, including arms and legs. A hood is also required.
  • Disposable footwear and eyewear
  • Good quality, but disposable gloves.
  • A half face respirator that has P1 and P2 filters fitted; must be disposable
  • Strong plastic sacks – you will need enough so that you can double wrap all bags of waste you have.
  • A spade that you dispose of after one use.
  • A trowel that you dispose of after one use.
  • A garden hose that has a fine mist setting or attachment.
  • Plenty of tape so that you can seal off the area you are working in
  • A way of clearly marking the bags – such as sticky paper and a marker pen.

Further Preparations

You will also need to ensure that the asbestos is properly disposed of. In some places, facilities that take asbestos will only do so from a registered company. While you may still remove the soil yourself, in this situation, you will have to pay a company to collect it from your property and take it to the facility.

Seal Off The Area And Start To Remove The Soil

Use the tape to make a barrier around the soil where the asbestos is. Lightly spray the area with the mist setting on the hose. Use the spade to remove the top layer of soil and turf and then respray underneath. Use the hand held trowel to remove sections of wet soil and place directly into a plastic bag. Keep spraying and removing the soil in this fashion, filling the bag as you go.

Double Wrap And Dispose

You must double wrap all of the bags containing the soil and your equipment. Spray yourself down with some water before removing the overalls and the rest of your equipment and take them off carefully. Clearly label the bags so that they can be easily read by other people.

Keep family members and pets away from the area during the time you spend working there.

If you feel you cannot accurately do this yourself or don’t have all of the necessary equipment, the safest option is to contact professional asbestos removal companies, like Asbestos Extraction & Containment.