Roof plumbers are typically needed during the design and build stages of your home. Although, they may also be needed for emergency repairs and maintenance to storm water drains. These professionals are licensed plumbers who specialize in roofing drainage systems, installing piping, gutters, ductwork joints, water tanks and collection devices, and also maintaining or improving previous drainage systems.

Here is a guide to when you may find yourself in need of the services of a roof plumber:

Gutter Cleaning

Roof plumbing is critical to the health of your home. In the event of a bad storm, your gutters are the only line of defense to prevent water from sitting atop your roof and potentially causing significant damage if left undrained. This typically happens if gutters are not regularly cleaned, as every single day, dirt, sticks, leaves, and excess debris, build up in your gutters, which prevents storm water from draining. Roof plumbers will be able to use their snake tool and feed it slowly through the drain, loosening all debris and potential clogging. Once finished, they will do a water cleanse, repeatedly running high-pressurized water through the gutter to ensure that all excess debris is removed and your system is draining properly. From there, your drains will brushed with a pipe brush.

Drainage Pipes and Water Tanks

Additionally, your plumber may check the drainage pipe and water tank on the ground level of your home. Your ground level drainage pipes prevent water from pooling after a storm and flooding your home or ruining your landscaping.

Ground level drains tend to collect a lot more excess debris than roof drains because they are at significantly lower vantage points. Ground level drains are constantly exposed to dirt and soil runoff, trash, animal droppings, chemicals and home products, oil, leaves and sticks, and paint, among other things. These are often the most commonly serviced maintenance requests because of the amount of blockage that regularly occurs. Plumbers typically use the same methods and tools to clean these drains as well; however, due to the size of their drains, they often take longer to clean and may occasionally require more manpower.

As a homeowner, you should never try to clean your drains on your own. Professional roof plumbers are trained to work at significant heights, maneuvering large equipment and maintaining their balance in the process. Trying to do so on your own can put you in danger of significant injury or death.

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