In addition to water loss, a leaky plumbing system incurs high monthly water bills. Some leakage signs, such as burst pipes, are obvious and call for immediate attention. But there are signs that are hidden and make it may take a while before you notice that a problem exists. However, with the following tips at your fingertips, it may not take that long to spot a leakage.

1. Sounds Produced By Running Water

If you are able to hear sounds of running water when no one at home is using it, it hints that you have a leakage in your pipes. Leaking underground pipes make different sounds when they carry pressurized water. When you reduce the orifice pressure, you should be able to hear a “whoosh” or a “hiss” type of sound if there is a leakage in the underground pipes. These sounds are clearer if the water pressure is maintained at 30 psi or more.

Another type of sound that hints there is a leakage is a “splashing” sound. The sound is produced when water spray strikes the wall of the soil cavity.

2. Manifestation of Foundation Cracks

Cracks do occur, particularly in houses that were built ages ago. However, a sudden appearance of foundation cracks may indicate there is a leaking pipe behind the walls. If water is constantly seeping out of your pipes, it weakens structural components and the foundation.  As a result, foundation cracks start to develop.

3. Presence of Mold

Molds thrive in wet areas – the reason why they are mostly found in showers. Leaking pipes, though, also create damp environments which enhance the development of mold.

If mold starts to develop in formerly dry regions such as ceilings, it could be a sign that one of your pipes is leaking. Molds also produce a musty smell. Therefore, if you experience an earthy smell after cleaning a room, you should be convinced of mold presence.

Fixing a leaking pipe with mold present can be dangerous to your health since molds cause health complications, especially to allergic and asthmatic people. Consider seeking the services of a specialist to remove the mold first.

You should also pay attention to your water bills. A sudden spike in your bill may hint that you are losing water due to leaks. And if your water bill is telling you so, but you can’t pinpoint the problem, consider the services of a professional plumber like Murphy Plumbing Pty Ltd. A plumber is in a better position of finding the problem and fixing it because of the advanced tools in his or her possession.