In many homes, the basement area is usually a dark and creepy uninhabited part of the house. This is because basements are usually utilized as utility areas that accommodate HVAC systems and other equipment. If you wish to transform your basement into a more useful area for your home, you will need basement renovation services from a basement builder.

Basement renovations can be aimed at transforming the space into an additional living room, office, gaming room, home theatre room, bedrooms, family room or a combination of two or more of these. The process of choosing a basement builder for your renovation project is a tough one, mostly due to the huge number of contractors out there. When choosing a contractor, it is important to have these factors in mind beforehand.

Design and lifestyle

Before hiring a basement builder for renovations, ensure that they will be able to remodel your basement based on the style and design of your home. Since the area was previously neglected, it is likely that much of your style is not incorporated. This is in regard to the colours, fixtures and equipment to be used. The builder should be able to work with architecture professionals in order to get precise design and measurements where structural alterations are to be made to the basement area.

Renovation materials

When hiring a basement builder, determine the type of materials you want used to reconstruct this space. These include wall and floor tiles, insulation materials, drywall, vapor barrier and many others. Depending on the purpose of the renovated space, you may need fixtures installed as well. Ask for samples of materials from two or three contractors to compare and get the best. If some of these materials are already available in the half-done basement, this will save you on costs of getting new ones.

Contents of contract

Before agreeing to and signing a basement renovation contract, it is important to assess its contents and identify the following.

  • Insurance. Every basement renovation project needs to be insured against any unforeseen damages that could result during the process. Confirm that the contract provides for property and liability insurance and the extent of coverage. The contractor and your household members should be covered in case of any injury during the renovation project.
  • Work guarantee. A guarantee ensures that the company will be held at task in case the work needs any attention over the years. This ensures that you get high quality work done since the contractor will be held liable for any repairs at no extra charge.
  • Costs therein. Ensure that the entire cost of the project is broken down in the contract as stated by the contractor. Look out for any hidden costs that may increase the cost of the project as well and are not revealed by the builder.

Look out for lengthy and wordy contracts as you could miss a thing or two which could impact greatly to the cost of the project. Good contracts should be short and precise.

Choosing a basement rebuilder for a renovation project is a task that should be taken with a lot of care. This is because it imparts greatly on the new look of your basement and how much you input into it financially.