A cheap bin hire can give you the means needed to get rid of the refuse produced by a home renovation project or spring cleaning. You might also use one after the holidays when you want to toss out your Christmas tree and all the extra boxes and cartons left over from gifts. When you’re ready to hire a cheap skip bin, you want to ensure you ask the right questions so you know you get a bin that will work for you and know everything involved in its use. Note a few of those questions here.

1. What if there is no driveway for the bin?

If you don’t have a driveway for the bin, you may need a special permit from your city to keep it in the street or in any other location. You may need a permit for the bin anyway, but special permits may be needed if the bin may be located where it might block traffic or become a hazard for pedestrians. When you’re ready to rent a bin, be sure you note if there is no driveway on your property so you know if you need special paperwork.

2. Can a bin damage a driveway, sidewalk, or yard?

In some cases a skip bin can cause damage to your driveway or yard, depending on the weight of the bin and the weight of the items you add. If you store a bin on an asphalt driveway and then fill it with heavy roofing tiles and such materials, the bin may actually settle into the soft material of the asphalt. This can also happen when you put the bin on your yard. If you’re concerned about damage, you might consider how to store the bin in the street or ask the rental agency about how to protect your property.

3. Note if the bin delivery can access your property

In order to deliver and pick up your bin, you may need to have a drive that is a particular width for the truck to fit. If you want to put the bin in your backyard, the delivery truck may not be able to work around your garage, shed, or other outbuilding. Talk to the rental agency about how your property is laid out if the driveway is very narrow or you want the bin behind your home. This will ensure you know what to expect about where they may need to put it, versus where you want the bin located.