Nobody likes working out in the Australian heat during summer, but if you choose the right bobcat to use in your next project, at least your employees won’t have to be uncomfortable. When it comes to the bobcat cab in particular, there are a variety of comfort features available that you need to be aware of. By knowing about these in advance, you can feel a lot more confident that you are providing your employees with a great space to work in when you hire a bobcat.

Climate Control

The extent of the need for climate control depends on where the bobcat is being used. Some cities in Western Australia, for example, have an average mean temperature in the mid 30s. However, coastal cities, like the Gold Coast in Queensland, have an average temperature in the mid 20s. When hiring a bobcat to use in the hotter parts of Australia, an enclosed cab to make the most of climate control is a must.

If you have ever wondered why your employees don’t work as well in the heat, it’s because the hotter the body gets, the more glucose is used to keep the body temperature under control. However, this glucose is also used by the brain, and lower levels of glucose make it harder for the brain to function at its best. By providing your employees with an external method for keeping cool while they work, they don’t need to use their own body stores to keep cool.

Body Comfort

Another thing you need to consider when hiring your next bobcat is the comfort the seat of the bobcat will provide to your employee. While some bobcats come with a standard seat for the driver, others have a better range of options that will keep your worker happy while they spend hours in the bobcat cab.

Lumbar support, seat suspension, and a decent sized cab for those employees with long legs are going to make sure the working conditions are top-notch. Over 13% of the Australian population experiences lower back problems, and an employee suffering a sore back is not going to be able to operate your bobcat on rough terrain for any length of time. Employees who can’t work are not profitable to your business.

Keep your employee comfort in mind before you choose the next bobcat you plan to hire. A happy employee is a productive employee, and that goes a long way to getting the job done right the first time.