If you are planning to seek concrete cutting services on your property, seeking a concrete GPR (ground penetrating radar) service can help speed up the work immensely. Concrete GPR machines are able to map out what lies beneath the concrete surface. This greatly reduces the planning work needed before the concrete cutting process thus expediting the work in a number of ways. Read on to see the different ways these scanning services can simplify your concrete cutting process.

Pin-point exactly where to cut

If you are seeking a concrete cutting service so as to have installations carried through, concrete GPR scanning can speed up the task by allowing your contractor to locate exactly where the utilities that need to be accessed are located. For example, if you need to install water piping or data cabling, the radar scanner will show exactly where these systems located are below the concrete surface. This reduces much of the second-guessing and ensures that the work is done right the very first time. The contractor can then cut along that area and access the utilities they need in a quick and easy manner.

Avoid cutting through tough rebar mesh

Concrete GPR services can also reduce time waste during concrete cutting by helping your contractor avoid running into rebar pipes during the process. Rebar is made of reinforced steel and it can greatly complicate the concrete cutting process, taking up more time than is required. However, through concrete GPR scanning services, the contractor can identify exactly where the rebar lies and avoid it in the first place.

Avoid structurally weak areas

Concrete GPR scanning services can also speed up your planned repair or maintenance work indirectly by deterring concrete damage that would then necessitate lengthy repair work on your property. For example, the scanner will help identify risky areas that could potentially get damaged if disturbed. Good examples include areas with internal cracks, areas with internal voids or areas with reduced concrete reinforcement. By avoiding these areas, the cutting process is achieved in a straightforward manner without a lot of remedial work being carried out.

Planning concrete repairs, maintenance, inspections or demolitions? Ask your concrete cutting contractor, like those from Robert Guy & Sons Pty Ltd, about concrete GPR scanning services. If your contractor doesn’t offer the scanning service, you can seek a separate contractor for that part of the job. Either way, you will enjoy a relatively quick and much safer concrete service on your property.