When something is subjected to friction for an extended period of time, it’s bound to appear ragged and old, which is inevitably displeasing to the eye. When it’s time to finally replace those old and worn out floor tiles, you need to think about a material that will be durable, cost efficient and pleasing to the eye. Bamboo floors have, in the recent years, become more popular, due to their exotic looks, and they are also rather inexpensive. Due to the similarities with hardwood flooring, it’s become an extremely appealing choice for many people.

Why the bamboo floor is your best option

When the time comes to change the appearance of your home, do not settle for second best. Bamboo flooring, like hardwood floors, comes from natural vegetation. However, unlike hardwood, bamboo is a type of grass. Its maturation period is around three to five years compared to hardwood trees that may take up to twenty years to mature.

It’s ecologically friendly because the bamboo plant is able to renew itself. Therefore, it has little or no effect on the natural environment, both in the short and long-term.

It’s stylish and has the same look and feel as hardwood floors. It’s also cost efficient and can help you save a lot of money in the long-term, considering it’s as durable as a hardwood floor.

It’s easy to maintain because all you have to do is sweep, clean with a non-alkaline cleanser or vacuum it regularly to remove the small debris that may build up between the floor panels.

The bamboo floor is more water resistant than hardwood floors, meaning it’s less likely to succumb to water damage or develop stains.


The best bamboo floor boards should be cut from mature and dry bamboo sticks. Bamboo floorboards maybe floated, glued or nailed. The best installation method will be suggested by the facility contractor you hire after close inspection of the existing floor. The contractor and the owner should then inspect all the boards to be installed to ensure that none of them is damaged. After installation, the homeowner should ensure that they control the moisture content to prevent any potential damage that may be caused.

It’s upon you to make the best choice to suit your needs. After all the insight on bamboo floors, you may realize that bamboo floors are the best choice you can ever make. If you still need more information about bamboo flooring, contact a local flooring company.