You can never have too much storage! And with the end of summer on the horizon, it is time to turn your mind to where you are going to store all the new pieces of outdoor setting you purchased during the hot months. Rather than stashing it all into your already crowded garage, why not use some of the wood off-cuts you have lying around from previous building projects? Building a wooden storage box is not a hard thing to do; however, not all wood lends itself well for this type of building project. Here are two points you need to remember when you are picking through the wood pile.


Do you have some pine boards left over from your last decking project? If so, pine is one type of wood that works well for storage boxes. Pine is a very versatile wood because you can either stain it to accentuate its natural beauty, or you can paint over it in a colour that matches the rest of your outdoor area. Pine also stands up well to outdoor living once it has been sealed. Paint each of your pine planks with a water repelling sealant once they have been cut to size to ensure it can stand up to the rigours of outdoor exposure.

Bear in mind, however, that pine is a soft wood, which means it can be easily scratched or dented. If you plan to have your storage box in an area where it has to survive the roughness of children or pets, you need to choose a harder wood for your wooden storage box.


Teak is a hardwood, and you commonly find it being used for the building of outdoor furniture because it is naturally weather resistant. This is because teak has a high concentration of natural oil, and this oil helps to repel moisture which makes other softer wood rot. The bonus of this hardwood is it is very durable and strong, which means it can survive hot South Australia summers or cold Tasmanian winters.

The main thing to remember if you choose to build your storage with teak is this wood does discolour over the course of a year. It will change from a natural honey brown to grey. However, an annual wash with hot, soapy water will bring the wood oils back to the surface to restore its beautiful colouring.

If you do not trust your own woodworking skills to put a storage box together, simply gather up the wood you want to use and hire a builder to put the boxes together for you. You can also contact a boxing company, such as Australian Boxes & Cases, to inquire whether they have extra boxes if you want to avoid building anything yourself. By tackling this storage issue now, you’ll be ready to pack away your outdoor belongings safely well before the bad weather of winter comes calling.