Tips to Ensure the Fill You Are Accepting onto Your Land Is Clean

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You may need fill for your land reclamation or rehabilitation projects, renovations, or landscaping. Often, the material you will receive as fill may contain contaminants and wastes such as asbestos, bricks, heavy metals, and concrete. If you accept fill that contains contaminants, you could be endangering the health of your family. Besides, you may face charges or fines for possession of illegal fill. Therefore, to prevent such outcomes, here are a few tips to help you choose clean fill for your land use. Know The Materials That Are Accepted as Clean Fill Find out from your local council the types of materials acceptable as clean fill. In most cases, acceptable materials will include mixed loads such as small crushed rocks, sands, and natural soils. Others include clean topsoils from building sites as well as residential homes, grass drainage content such as river gravels, and pure clay materials. These materials should be pure and not mixed with any other materials. On the other hand, materials usually not accepted as clean fill include plant materials, asphalt, concrete formwork, and building and construction materials. However, since you may not be able to tell whether a fill is clean or dirty just by looking at it, the best approach is to ask for proof from your supplier. He or she should be able to provide documents such as original laboratory test results as proof that the fill you’re being supplied isn’t contaminated. Know The Source of the Fill Find out from your supplier the source of the fill. This includes any activities that took place at the site. Some activities, such as building and construction, could have interfered with the purity of the fill. If possible, schedule for an inspection of the site. During the inspection, look for any contaminants such as plastic, concrete, and asbestos. Stains or odour are also signs of contaminated fill. Secure The Entry Points to Your Property Securing the entry points to your property helps you keep an eye on all the vehicles entering and leaving the property. It also enables you supervise the vehicles and inspect the fill being delivered. Supervision ensures you don’t accept or receive what you didn’t order. You need to be even more careful in your supervision if you have a central area in which all the fill materials are being unloaded. You don’t want a single load of dirty or contaminated fill to ruin the rest of the loads. For more information, contact a business such as Eastern Plant...

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Tips for Sprucing Up Your Balcony

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Balconies tend to get dirty very quickly; things like bird droppings, falling leaves, dust and grime can accumulate at an alarmingly fast rate. If your balcony is looking worse for wear,  here are a few things you can do to spruce it up. Wash and re-paint it The simplest way to improve the look of your balcony is to clean it as thoroughly as you can. Use an outdoor sweeping brush with firm bristles to sweep away any debris that has built up on the floor. Then, take a feather duster and twirl it in between the railing bars to remove dust and cobwebs. Once these tasks are complete, you can wash the floor and the railing. Don’t use a high-pressure water washer for this activity; not only could it damage the concrete and loosen the screws on the railing, but also the water could end up spilling over the edges of the floor onto your neighbour’s balcony below. Instead, use the above-mentioned outdoor sweeping brush and a bucket of warm, soapy water to scrub away any dirt that has become embedded in the concrete. For the railings, a damp cloth is often all that’s needed to wipe away dust and droppings. Next, remove any rust and peeling paint that has begun to develop on the railings, using either a wire brush or a piece of sandpaper.  Make sure to put on a dust mask before doing this, to avoid inhaling tiny paint flecks or rust particles. You can then move on to painting the railing. Whilst this can be quite a time-consuming project, it will significantly improve the appearance of even the shabbiest of balconies. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, painting can also protect both metal and wooden railings from corrosion and wet rot, respectively. Make sure to use a primer, and to select an exterior paint designed specifically for the material that your railings are made from.  Waterproof it A lot of the structural and aesthetic damage that happens to balconies is the result of water damage from rain showers and humidity.  Balconies that are not waterproofed are more prone to problems such as rusting, rotting, discolouration and mould. If the area that joins the balcony to the main property isn’t properly sealed with waterproofing substances, these issues may also begin to spread into the house; a leak that begins in the balcony could eventually lead to water seeping into the rest of the property, causing damage to hardwood floors, carpets and ceilings. Having a waterproofing membrane fitted around the balcony’s edges can act as a barrier that will prevent water from causing structural damage to the balcony or the other areas of the property.  ...

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Skip Bin Hire Preperation

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Cleaning out the garden can be a messy and laborious job. However, to make the whole process less stressful, you should consider skip bin hire. Not only will it allow you to collect all of your rubbish into one area, reducing the amount of debris lying around, it will also enable you to dispose of the waste safely and with minimal fuss. However, when hiring a skip bin there are a few things you should consider to make your own experience as stress free as possible. Waste Disposal Before hiring any company, have a look at their website if they have one, and chat with them. Not only will you get a feel for their business ethics and manner, you should be able to establish whether or not they are working towards Australia’s National Waste Policy. If you’re someone that is conscious about protecting the environment and are in support of the Clean Land Plan then you may be a little more interested in how your waste gets disposed of.  Sizes Skip bins come in all manner of sizes. Before hiring, talk to the company and explain what job you’ll be undertaking, and they should be able to advise on a suitable size. Generally bins range from two to twelve cubic yards in size. To make it easier they are often accompanied by an approximate black back carrying capacity; usually 20-140 bags in size. If you are dealing garden waste, which can be compacted, you may be able to get away with a smaller bin than if you were disposing of rubble or stone.  Pre-arranged Extras Before booking your skip bin, ascertain what will be included in the price. Establish the size of the bin, agree upon the location for the bin to be delivered to and ask how long it will be before the bin is either emptied or taken away. Most companies will hire out bins for around ten days before emptying, however this may be negotiable or incur extra costs if you require additional time. It may also be a good idea to establish how large the delivery truck will be to ensure that it will be able to navigate down any tight roads or into backyards to drop off and collect the skip bin. Adequate preparation before hiring a skip will make the process simple and easy. Always make sure your waste is being disposed off in the most environmentally friendly way possible and make sure you are fully aware of what your bin hire package consists...

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Easy ways to give your garden a makeover

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Even if you’re not especially gifted in regards to gardening, there are steps you can take to create a lovely outdoor space for you and your family. Here are a couple of ideas to help you get started. Add decking Installing decking is a fantastic way to make your outdoor space more functional and aesthetically pleasing. It provides you and the rest of your household with a comfortable seating area to entertain guests, sunbathe or dine al fresco. Decking can also be useful for those who want a low-maintenance garden, as it reduces the amount of visible lawn area to mow. If you decide to install this feature, it’s important to use the right materials. Treated pine is often the best option because not only is it attractive-looking and highly durable, but it also contains insecticides and fungicides which will prevent organisms from damaging it. Unless you are highly skilled in the art of DIY, the task of installing a garden deck is best left to a professional construction worker. A trained builder will have the experience and the know-how to create a deck that looks beautiful, is safe to use and is robust enough to last several decades. Be sure to ask the contractor about the materials they’ll use, such as Australian Treated Pine, and how they recommend you care for your deck. Tidy up Oftentimes, a thorough tidying-up can transform an unusable and unruly garden into a gorgeous outdoor space. You’ll be amazed at what a difference you can make in just a day or two. All you’ll need are a few basic tools, including a rake, a sweeping brush, a knife, some hedge trimmers and a bucket of soapy water. To begin, sweep away any of the debris (including leaves, scraps of rubbish, dirt and twigs) that may have accumulated around the paving stones or patio area of the garden. Then use a knife to scrape out weeds, and wash down any hard-surface areas with some hot water and a mild detergent. Next, spend a bit of time trimming back any of the hedging, plants and shrubs which have become overgrown, and brush off the old seedlings, leaves and pebbles that might be covering the top layer of the soil around your flowers. If your lawn is looking a little bit worse for wear, you can improve its appearance simply by mowing it and adding some fertiliser to any areas of dead grass. If rainfall is quite infrequent in your area, it’s also important to water it...

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Should You Hire an Architect For Your Home Remodeling Project?

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If you are like most homeowners, you are probably thinking about a life-changing home remodeling project. You may be thinking of building a one or two-storey addition for additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or a larger family room. You could also be thinking of expanding your kitchen or renovating the patio. Regardless of whatever your remodeling project entails, it could benefit from the insight of a professional residential architect. Most homeowners may think that they don’t need an architect, and they dive in with their contractor to commence the project. While this can work in some instances, it is not always the best option. It is suitable to hire an architect for your remodeling project for the following reasons. Creating the design Imagine a remodeling project whose results don’t meet your final expectations. You had it all worked out in your head, but it didn’t come out the same way. A failed remodeling project can be an eyesore for the rest of your life since redoing it can be costly and exhausting.  An architect is valuable in helping you to see the bigger picture even before the commencement of the project. They will provide schematics that define every tiny aspect and detail of the project as per your requirements. With these schematics, your contractor will follow the design and deliver a perfect remodeling job. Changing of the home’s footprints If your remodeling project involves changing your home’s footprints, you should hire an architect to redesign it. Such a project involves making additions or altering the sizes and shapes of structures and altering the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. Alterations without proper guidelines can negatively affect their functionality.  An architect can redraw your house plans to meet your desires, while satisfying the structure’s requirements and maintaining or improving the functionality of its systems. This will save you future costs of fixing systems which were tampered with during the remodeling project. Handling the paperwork Most people think that architects just draw a building’s semantics and oversee its construction. However, beyond the drawing and designing, an architect is tasked with the role of ensuring that a structure meets the building codes and structural demands as per the law. They need to make sure that the modifications you are making meet the safety requirements of new and renovated buildings. All these require vast knowledge of construction and building that only a qualified architect possesses. Finally, an architect can help you hire the right contractor, ensure you have the right materials, and oversee your remodeling project to completion. If you are thinking about undertaking a major remodeling project for your home, consider employing the services of a qualified...

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