3 Steps That Will Help Keep Your Carpark In Good Condition

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If you own a business, a crucial thing to maintain is the car park. Customers want to drive and walk on a car park that is well maintained and presentable, which is possible when you take the following steps. Sealcoat Top Surface In order to keep your car park looking great for years, you are going to need to sealcoat it. When you do this, you are essentially putting a protective invisible barrier on the top surface. This barrier prevents water from seeping down into the base of your car park so cracks and potholes won’t develop over time. Sealcoating your car park also makes it resistant to a lot of things, such as UV light, oil, grease and other chemicals. This makes your car park extremely easy to maintain over the years, as it will not be prone to damaging. Finally, a sealcoat will give your car park a beautiful black finish, helping your business maintain a professional image. Clean With Industrial Push Sweeper It’s important to sweep your car park on a regular basis. If you don’t, dirt and trash can collect on the surface, wearing it down prematurely. Sweeping your car park doesn’t have to be a physically demanding task if you use an industrial push sweeper. With two rotating brushes on the front, these sweepers will effectively pick up trash off your car park. Once the trash gets picked up by the brushes, which are heavy-duty, it will enter a plastic bin. This bin detaches from the sweeper, so relocating the trash away from your property isn’t hard at all. These sweepers have side-mounted wheels that are made from rubber, which make these sweepers easy to move over rough surfaces. Some of these sweepers can fold up, so when you are finished sweeping, you can store them in a compact space. Fill In Cracks If there are cracks on your car park, it’s critical to fill them in as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will only get bigger with time, and, sometimes, they can develop into potholes. Filling in cracks doesn’t have to be hard if you use pourable crack filler. This filler has a liquid consistency, and it’s temperature-resistant. So whether it’s hot or cold, this filler will not break down. Pour this filler inside cracks and allow it to dry for a day. The filler will create a tight seal so water can’t seep inside the cracks. For professional help, contact a company such as North Shore Paving Co Pty...

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How to Teach Your Dog to Use the Pet Door

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Pet doors are great to have so that your dog can go through the pet door independently so they can relieve themselves and then come back indoors without needing you to open the door for them. However, some pets are afraid or unsure of the pet door and require some training before they use it on their own. Here are some tips to help you train your dog to go through the pet door. Follow these steps and soon you will have a dog who can go in and out of the house independently. Don’t Push. Do not force your dog through the pet door. This may scare your dog and cause him to not want to go near the door again. Keep your training sessions short so that your dog sees the door as a pleasant experience. Treats. Training your dog to use a pet door is easiest with two people. Have one person sit inside and the other person sit outside, both with a handful of treats. Take turns calling your dog through the door and reward him with a treat each time he is successful. Make it Easy. The first few times that you convince your dog to walk through the pet door, hold the flap all the way open. Gradually reduce how open you hold the flap until your dog is able to push the flap open himself. If there is a magnet on your pet door flap, tape a piece of cardboard over it for a couple of days until he learns to push the flap open. Choose the Right Size. If you have a large dog, a small pet door won’t do, even if the dog can fit through it, you will want to make he can go in and out with ease. Also, a small dog will have a difficult time pushing a large, heavy pet door flap out of the way to go through. As pet door installers such as Jim’s Glass how to figure out the right size for your pet. Locking Devices. Before installing a locking device, introduce it to your pet by showing them that when the lock is in place, the flap will not open. Teaching them this will hopefully reduce the risk of them running into a locked pet door. Consistency is key when training your dog anything new. Spend a few minutes each day teaching your dog to use the pet door until he is using it on his own each time he needs to go...

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Portaloos Clean and Graffiti-Free

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When hiring a portable toilet, you want to be able to return it in clean and working condition. Unfortunately, disrespectful people can sometimes make that goal impossible. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the threat of vandalism and excessive dirtiness to your toilets. Here are some tips you should consider. 1. Anchors Tipping over a portaloo is a messy and disgusting prank, which can permanently damage the portaloo as well as any people inside of it when it is tipped over. Anchors can prevent or at least minimise the threat of a portaloo being flipped over. Talk with portaloo companies such as Eagle Hire about anchoring your portable toilets for you. These professionals can install stakes in all four corners of the toilet stall, and these sturdy stakes help in wind as well as against pranks. 2. Security If you want to deter vandalism, hire a security guard to patrol the area around the loos. If you don’t want to hire a security guard, even the presence of an attendant can help to deter vandals. Alternatively, a security camera installed near the toilets can make vandals feel as if they will get caught, and that can be a deterrent. 3. Diligent Reporting If someone does vandalise your toilets, be diligent about reporting them. That sends a clear message to other vandals that you will not tolerate that type of behaviour. This strategy is more relevant to toilets that will be set up for several weeks or months rather than ones that are only in use for a day or two. You should at least still report the incident so they can assist in paying for the damages. 4. Fencing If you are renting a portaloo for your employees to use at a construction site, place a fence around it. This prevents passersby from using the toilet, and the fence creates a small obstacle for vandals as well. If you are renting a portaloo for a music concert or other large event, this strategy can be a helpful way to ensure that only the people who are actually at your event use your toilets. 5. Garbage Bins Garbage bins may not do a lot to deter a vandal with a can of spray paint, but they can reduce the litter and rubbish around the area in general, and that helps to keep your toilets and your event of work site clean. Place an ample number if garbage bins near your toilets, and make sure to change their liners on a regular basis to stop them from overflowing. When the area is clean in general, it encourages other people to treat it as a clean area. If the area is already...

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